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Architectural renderings


Graphex is an international 3D agency based in Zurich Our company produces photorealistic architectural renderings for architectur firms, communication agencies, as well as for product design and the real estate market.

Architectural visualization is a tool that allows architectural offices, real estate agencies and marketing agencies to be more competitive in the housing market in order to provide visual value and quality in the decision-making process.

We offer the following services:

3D architectural renderings

Exterior and interior renderings

Architectural animationand architectural films

·VR Renderings

Product design renderings, furniture visualizations

360-degrees-panorama view renderingthe decision-making process. 

Photorealistic images


The quality of our  renderings allows us to show a real representation of how an architectural project or a  space would look like in the future. Spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms or bathrooms are reproduced in 3D and rendered with the highest quality. The materials and light are recreated in a very detailed way in order to show a pleasant space to the client. In Graphex we believe that the final result has to go hand in hand with photorealistic quality.

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360º Render Panorama

Visualisierung 3D VR Rendering Architektur 360 Panorama

Graphex offers virtual reality solutions. With VR 360 ° Panorama and 360º Tour you have the opportunity to visualize your space and look around the place with photorealistic quality.

Our trademark focus is the use of light, which allows us to evoke the emotions that are the essence of any design.

We create high-quality photorealism by precisely understanding and reproducing design details.

Graphex believes in photorealism to develop and bring your ideas to life. Therefore, Graphex uses the best visual tools. In addition, we offer our customers the best image quality. Autodesk and Chaos Group products provide us with the best rendering quality for your visualizations and animations.

Graphex visualizations support the presentation of a design idea and the development of architectural design.