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Architectural renderings

3D Architekturvisualisierung Bibliothek Architektur Visualisierung

Graphex produces visualizations, renderings and 3D animations for architecture and interior architecture, as well as for product design and the real estate market.

Graphex offers the following services:

3D architectural visualizations

Exterior and interior renderings

Architectural animationand architectural films

·VR Renderings

Product design renderings, furniture visualizations

360-degrees-panorama view rendering

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Virtual Reality - 360º Panorama


Graphex offers virtual reality solutions. With VR 360 ° Panorama and 360º Tour you have the opportunity to visualize your space and look around the place with photorealistic quality.

Our trademark focus is the use of light, which allows us to evoke the emotions that are the essence of any design.

We create high-quality photorealism by precisely understanding and reproducing design details.

We believe in photorealism to develop and bring your ideas to life.

Architecture films. We specialize in photorealistic visualizations and bring your architectural projects to life. We realize beautiful 3D visualizations in Zurich, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva, Aarau Biel and St. Gallen. In Chur, Lucerne, Basel, Solothurn. In Olten, Thun, Winterthur, Baden, Liechtenstein, Schwyz and Switzerland. Services: Architectural visualizations in 3D (photorealistic) Architectural films Image processing Product visualization Architectural animations Light and material studies 360 ° panoramas and HDRI creation (360 °) Virtual Reality implementation Animation Motion Graphics and visual effects (VFX) In architecture, 3D visualization and visualization play an important role Creation of 3D animated films is playing an increasingly important role. Especially in the design and marketing process, these technologies are used as a crucial communication tool. Graphex is one of the leading companies in the field of digital architectural presentation. By using the latest technologies and our many years of experience, we are able to realize your projects economically with the highest quality standards. Our clients include well-known industrial companies, architects and engineers, real estate companies and project developers. Please visit our website www.graphex.ch to get an overview of our portfolio. We look forward to working with you! Architectural visualizations 3D Architects. Architectural visualizations and architectural films of the highest quality from GRAPHEX in Zurich Wiedikon. We have customers from all over Switzerland. Call us today and let us advise you. For real estate marketing. Realistic 3D visualizations are very important for real estate marketing. The buyer decides for the property. A 3D visualization is a realistic picture for the future. With 3D objects, light and atmosphere, we create a unique picture mood that is emotionally charged. The 3D visualization and virtual images are the best tools for real estate portals.We create 3D visualization for all building types: apartment building, city villa, private house, office building, residential building, architectural visualization VIRTUAL REALITY: 360 panorama architectural visualization architectureReal estateArchitectural visualizationsRendering3D visualization for real estate marketing Virtual Reality (VR) 360 ° Panorama in Zurich. With VR 360 ° Panorama you have the opportunity to capture a room in its entirety and to look around virtually on site. Take advantage of this performance of the presentation and benefit from our experience in architectural visualization. With 360 ° panoramas creates a real sense of space. If several 360 ° panoramas are linked, a virtual tour is created. You can navigate through the entire apartment. 3D architecture visualization for estate agents and property developers